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  • Notta K
作曲 : Young Breezy
作词 : Notta K
That’s Tians in the cyber
I bought skipping invatation they wanna change me
Rolly on my wrist  f*** it on my tray
Party  we go we so win
haitrol wanna tray they told me
body  we do ktrol ballin yes sir
patrol go on yeah  between it
that’s notta k I  made it
I skipping
not attend you not attend you
yeah I skipping
not attend you not attend you
yeah I skipping
I’m on whippng  not a kk I‘m attend you
young breezy make beat
pop we feel lit
we see
Come in miami
All day all night with a model
bring lambogani gang couple
I ‘m planning a muder
I’m going to trap you follow
You can be the humble
You can be the trouble
You should drop it too low
揭晓你的阴谋 不要跟我继续秀
当我的nephew 当你的街溜
每天都健身with my tuff
I gon’ skipping I gon’ skipping I gon’ skippingI gon’ skipping
provide bankroll to my company
straight up cash road  haters all mad me
whole lotta gang we drop
morale tan we ****
my gun is aimed at your face
XAC  trip yeah kick flip
out of the window
drive the UFO
care about your bando
let you go that sad hoe
got you like bad soul
air rain feel so cold
I skr like skip bro
chew around bi8bo
Around  me you bingo
I shoot for 3 point ball
<<Jawsh 685-Savage Love(是神罚Muisc remix) 与众不同的你>>


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