Impulse to Disembowel歌词

Back again to kill and gut
I crave intestine
Fist ****ed, reduced to a stump
Kill allSkinless body, naked hanging
Blood is draining
Carving, killing, swollen beauty
Holes appearing
Brutalizing, convulsing
Skinned and greasy
Still breathing, anal carving
Holes are oozing
Slit your throat deep
Off cane your head
Pulled out the guts
Right through your ****ing neck
Don't think
I give a ****
About your life or religion
I don't ****ing care
About the world you ****ing live in
Injecting bleach into your eyes
Body starts to quiver
Spilled your guts onto the floor
Consume the fecal drainage
Liver withered, appendix punctured
Pancreatic explosion
Knife scraping spinal bone
Like nails on a chalk board
The pigs that want to lock me up
But they still don't know who
I amI leave a trail of blood and guts
ColdImpulse to disembowel
Impulse to disembowel
Impulse to disembowel
Impulse to disembowel
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