My Garden歌词

[02:50.31][01:43.65][01:29.07][00:15.19]Yea they got a lot of *****es
[02:51.16][01:44.70][01:29.94][00:16.05]and they got a lot of wishes
[02:52.12][01:45.63][01:30.87][00:17.00]they be fiending for the riches
[02:53.07][01:46.63][01:31.79][00:17.85]they aint gotta give them up
[01:51.28][00:37.41][00:22.77]My garden's white as daises
[00:26.45]And it's untouched complete
[00:30.16]Checking my rhythm baby
[00:33.83]My sky's been looking great
[00:41.21]And it's untouched of sin
[00:44.83]My roots been craving lately
[00:48.57]To soak in your diamonds
[00:52.73]Digging (Digging)
[00:54.40]You want it (You want it)
[00:56.02]And I want you laying on me
[00:59.48]My flower bed's calling your name
[01:03.72](Your name, Your name)
[01:13.71][01:06.64]I'll let your wind fall down if it sparkles like diamonds
[01:17.43][01:10.16]Just let me wear the crown
[01:18.98][01:11.74]my garden's appetizing
[03:00.33][02:56.97]Im singing
You want it
And I want you laying on it
[03:27.25]I'll have you
Screaming my name
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