Eulogy For The Undead歌词

作曲 : Barnes, Butler, Gall, Swanson
I walk through the valley of the death
Hundreds surround me, in the nightmare I live
Rivers run deep, flood run-off of decomposition
A thousand bones of innocent victims
Bodies lie on the shores of the enemy
Rotting away and forgotten by too many
Doomed when will it all end?
Not until an eternity of blood has been shed
Killing, the bodies lie nameless in shallow graves
Limbless, a stump of a human crying for help
They don't hear you, no one does
No one cares about your life
Your existence is only a tool for the sinister
The sinister mind
A dagger in the brain
Twisted the spine has been severed
No more life in this one
Just another cadaver
<<Involuntary Movement Of Dead Flesh You Shook Me All Night Long>>


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