Cool Song No. 2歌词

    发布时间:2020-07-22 21:06:10
  • MGMT
Whenever I drift by the unknown
Feign like I notice a fundamental tone
The fine pedals open and close offended
More explanation and nothing shown
Kind of like if a friend exits without a sign
Glimmering like a precious stone
Maybe we share the dream for 20 nights in a row
I would feel better knowing that I was alone
Wherever scientists turn lead to birds,
Torment ignites essence, delights from the earth
What you find shocking
They find amusing,
Something else to soften a sadistic urge
When they tell you the extent of the vice
Then the prime time mission is to choke the statistician,
And like the senses that you're lurking behind
While it gnaws right through to your core,
Oh I'd twist it more
Watching as it flies by (Spy the unknown)
Focus on the quiet oars
Tell me how far you'd go (Go where you like)
Knowing your air won't last (Last one to know)
Would you feel better holding the stars up?
What if the beast escapes (apes have it good)
And separates like a cloud (loud like a fault),
Seeps into the hollow bones?
Wouldn't its eyes expand
And zero in like a scope?
I might feel better
Knowing I wasn't alone
<<One Thing Left to Try Introspection>>


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